RB Touch Points Data Study

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In this data study, we are using Scott Barrett’s data that shows that RB carries are worth roughly .62 fantasy points and targets are worth 1.57 fantasy points in Full PPR leagues. You can view his tweet below.

The biggest takeaway here is that a single RB Target in Full PPR leagues is worth nearly 2.5x more points than a single rushing attempt. What I’d like to do now is show you how the numbers looked using last years RB stats, and then at the bottom of this article you will find my 2023 RB Projections using Touch Points. You will find a strong correlation to where the RB finished in final PPR points. The formula used is Rush Attempts = .62pts and Targets = 1.57pts.

Check out my video analysis of this article on YouTube here.

2022 Touch Points: RB1s 1-12

PlayerPPR FinishRuAttTargetsTouchesTouch Points
1LACAustin EkelerRB1204127331325.87
2LVJosh JacobsRB234064404311.28
3NYGSaquon BarkleyRB429576371302.22
4TENDerrick HenryRB334941390280.75
5NERhamondre StevensonRB721088298268.36
6NOAlvin KamaraRB1622377300259.15
7PITNajee HarrisRB1427253325251.85
8MINDalvin CookRB926456320251.6
9CINJoe MixonRB1021075285247.95
10TBLeonard FournetteRB1218983272247.49
11CLENick ChubbRB530237339245.33
12GBAaron JonesRB621372285245.1
RuAtt = .62pts and Targets = 1.57pts


Ten of the top 12 RBs in Touch Points finished as Top 12 RBs. The only two outliers here are Alvin Kamara (RB16) and Najee Harris (RB14). Both of these guys were inefficient with their touches, but both ended up being decent RB2s.

There was a total of 849 targets from the top 12 RBs, an average of 70.75 per RB.

There was a total of 3,071 rushing attempts from the top 12 RBs, an average of 255.92 per RB.

These numbers of 255.92 rushing attempts and 70.75 targets can be used as RB1 thresholds. Add those together and you get an average 326.67 total touches per RB.

Only 5 RBs went over the 326.67 touch threshold, and guess what. They ALL FINISHED AS TOP 5 RBs.

If I take the other 7 RBs who were under the 326.67 touch threshold, I get an average of 297.85 touches. Any RB projected around 300 touches should be considered a threat to finish as a Top 12 RB.

Target RBs projected for 300+ touches as your RB1, and Elite RBs with 327+ touches as Top 5 RBs.

2022 Touch Points: RB2s 13-24

PlayerPPR FinishRuAttTargetsTouchesTouch Points
13JAXTravis EtienneRB1722045265207.05
14DALTony PollardRB819355248206.01
15ARIJames ConnerRB1918358241204.52
16PHIMiles SandersRB1525926285201.4
17SFChristian McCaffreyRB1115965224200.63
18HOUDameon PierceRB2722039259197.63
19SEAKenneth Walker IIIRB1822835263196.31
20BUFDevin SingletaryRB2417752229191.38
21DETJamaal WilliamsRB1326216278187.56
22CHIDavid MontgomeryRB2320140241187.42
23WASAntonio GibsonRB2814958207183.44
24GBAJ DillonRB2618643229182.83
RuAtt = .62pts and Targets = 1.57pts


21 of the Top 24 RBs in Touch Points finished as Top 24 RBs. The only three outliers here are Dameon Pierce (RB27), Antonio Gibson (RB28) and AJ Dillon (RB26).

There was a total of 532 targets for RBs 13-24, an average of 44.33 per RB.

There was a total of 2,437 rushing attempts for RBs 13-24, an average of 203.08 per RB.

These numbers of 203 rushing attempts and 44 targets can be used as RB2 thresholds. Add those together and you get an average 247 total touches per RB.

19 RBs went over the 247 total touches and all of them finished as Top 24 RBs except for Dameon Pierce, who was RB27 on 259 touches.

Target RBs projected for roughly 250+ total touches as your RB2.

2022 Touch Points: RB3s 25-36

PlayerPPR FinishRuAttTargetsTouchesTouch Points
25INDJonathan TaylorRB3119240232181.84
26DALEzekiel ElliottRB2223123254179.33
27MIARaheem MostertRB2518142223178.16
28DETD’Andre SwiftRB219970169171.28
29TBRachaad WhiteRB3412958187171.04
30ATLTyler AllgeierRB2921017227156.89
31KCJerick McKinnonRB207271143156.11
32NYJMichael CarterRB3911454168155.46
33DENLatavius MurrayRB3516034194152.58
34WASBrian Robinson Jr.RB4320512217145.94
35CLEKareem HuntRB3812344167145.34
36LARCam AkersRB3318818206144.82


33 of the top 36 RBs in Touch Points finished as Top 36 RBs. The only three outliers here are Michael Carter (RB39), Brian Robinson Jr. (Rb43) and Kareem Hunt (RB38).

There was a total of 483 targets from RBs 25-36, an average of 40.25 per RB.

There was a total of 1,904 rushing attempts from RBs 25-36, an average of 158.66 per RB.

These numbers of 158.66 rushing attempts and 40.25 targets can be used as RB3 thresholds. Add those together and you get an average 198.92 total touches per RB.

31 RBs went over the 198 touch threshold last year, and all of them finished as Top 36 RBs.

Target RBs projected for 200+ total touches as RB3s and up.

Final thresholds:

RB1 (elite) 327+ touches

RB1 300+ touches

RB2 250+ touches

RB3 200+ touches

2023 Projected PPR Touch Points:

RankPlayerRankRuAttTargetsTouchesPPR Touch Pts.
1LACAustin EkelerRB1195115310301.45
2NYGSaquon BarkleyRB629075365297.55
3SFChristian McCaffreyRB222590315280.8
4ATLBijan RobinsonRB330550355267.6
5TENDerrick HenryRB732542367267.44
6LVJosh JacobsRB828555340263.05
7DALTony PollardRB425565320260.15
8CLENick ChubbRB529545340253.55
9CINJoe MixonRB1122570295249.4
10ARIJames ConnerRB1624560305246.1
11TBRachaad WhiteRB2419575270238.65
12NERhamondre StevensonRB1020570275237
13HOUDameon PierceRB1225550305236.6
14PITNajee HarrisRB1525550305236.6
15CARMiles SandersRB1722555280225.85
16INDJonathan TaylorRB1325540295220.9
17DETJahmyr GibbsRB912890218220.66
18LARCam AkersRB1824045285219.45
19GBAaron JonesRB1419064254218.28
20MINAlexander MattisonRB2122547272213.29
21JAXTravis EtienneRB1921550265211.8
22DETDavid MontgomeryRB2024535280206.85
23SEAKenneth Walker IIIRB2223535270200.65
24BUFJames CookRB2516060220193.4
25WASAntonio GibsonRB2712075195192.15
26DENJavonte WilliamsRB2817550225187
27BALJK DobbinsRB2321235247186.39
28NOAlvin KamaraRB2914063203185.71
29WASBrian RobinsonRB3223025255181.85
30GBAJ DillonRB3118540225177.5
31NYJBreece HallRB2616545210172.95
32DENSamaje PerineRB3415040190155.8
33KCIsiah PachecoRB3020020220155.4
34PHID’Andre SwiftRB3313045175151.25
35MIARaheem MostertRB3515530185143.2
36NYJDalvin Cook?RB3614532177140.14
37CHIKhalil HerbertRB3717020190136.8
38PITJaylen WarrenRB3910540145127.9
39TENTyjae SpearsRB408540125115.5
40KCJerick McKinnonRB384555100114.25
41LACJoshua KelleyRB10030130109.1
42MIADe’Von AchaneRB459033123107.61
43MIAJeff Wilson Jr.RB4311523138107.41
44HOUDevin SingletaryRB9530125106
45BUFDamien HarrisRB4111023133104.31
46CHID’Onta ForemanRB4811520135102.7
47NOJamaal WilliamsRB421102013099.6
48PHIRashaad PennyRB441351014599.4
49CLEJerome FordRB49952512098.15
50SEAZach CharbonnetRB50952512098.15