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If you play best ball, you know how important those final playoff weeks are. Everyone pays attention to Week 17, but in theory, you need to get through Weeks 15 and 16 first. I devised a data study to see which teams have the juiciest fantasy matchups for the all playoff weeks to help us figure out which teams to target and stack. This will show us which teams could be in potential shoot-outs or snoozers. In this study below, I assigned a numerical value (1-32), to each fantasy offense based off of my team PPR projections. I have the Chiefs as the team with the most projected points, so they get ranked as a 1, and so on. From here, I went and added up the ranking score for every game in the best ball playoff weeks and came up with a total game ranking score. The lower the score, the better the offenses are, potentially indicating a high scoring fantasy game. The chart below shows these games ranked with their fantasy scores and is filtered by best potential fantasy games to least.

Weeks 15, 16, 17:

Now that we have our three weeks of data, it’s time to combine the numbers and see which team has the best potential fantasy playoff schedule. The “Score” column determines the rankings below, and the chart on the right shows where I got my numerical values of 1-32 at the beginning. Keep in mind, this is PPR settings and this study will heavily favor the best passing teams and punish the running teams. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t draft Derrick Henry or Bijan Robinson. But it can show us the best QB/WR/TE stacking opportunities.

Schedule Score: (lower number = better)

So there you have it. I believe we should be targeting Dak Stacks, as well as the other Top 10 ranked teams. A team like Philly falls through the cracks a bit because of their opponents ranking, but we can expect lopsided fantasy affairs for the Eagles and should continue trying to stack Hurts & Co. I was surprised to see the Raiders ranked highly until I saw their Week 15 and 16 opponents in LAC/KC, so there’s potential for them to either get blown out and play keep up, or be in a shoot out. Don’t be afraid to target some of the middle ranked stacks, especially Seattle, Washington, San Francisco, Cleveland and Jacksonville. Get diverse. Have fun. Happy stacking.

Full Chart:

Stacks within the Stacks:

So we have identified the Cowboys as one of the best teams to stack. I wanted to look even deeper than their Week 15-17 games and see if we can correlate their opponents schedule for stacking. With the Cowboys, they play BUF, MIA and DET. The stack within these stacks could be Chargers and Vikings players. The Chargers play BUF Week 16 and the Vikings get the Lions Week 16. They are not directly linked to the Cowboys but there is enough of a link with these schedules that stacking them could be a benefit, especially Week 16 in the Cowboys’ case. You could have a dominant Week 16 with this group and lead you right into that awesome Week 17 DAL/DET game. The lower left of the chart shows more of these potential links.

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