Welcome to the Fellowship!

Welcome to the 2020 NFL Offseason.  The Fantasy Fellowship will begin releasing 2020 content in April, starting with a 2020 Free Agency Review and a 2020 NFL Draft preview, showcasing the offensive fantasy players to keep an eye on for redraft and dynasty leagues.  The goal this year is to simplify the Fellowship with the checkpoint updates listed below, leading up to our 2020 Fantasy Draft prep in August with team projections and final rankings.  Once the season begins, we’ll have our weekly schedule of waiver wire updates and the weekly matchup column as usual.  We’re excited to get the content rolling out soon with NFL Free Agency and the draft right around the corner, so stay patient! Thanks again for checking out the Fellowship.  – Kyle

Offseason Content Schedule:


2020 NFL Draft Results

2020 Mock Draft Central

2020 Free Agency Review

Preliminary Projections/Rankings (late May/early June)
Training Camp Previews (coming in June)
Fantasy Draft Prep (July/August)
Projections/Rankings (August)