Waiver Wire Report

The 2021 Season has come to its end.

I think it is extremely important to make claims early in the season.  It is also important to save money for the playoff stretch as well, so spend wisely.  Waiver wires are different for everyone, so it’s difficult to make suggestions in regards to how much to spend on a given player or how to rank them in a standard waiver wire.  Please use your best judgement when making your claims, as you know your league-mates best and how they tend to spend or operate.  I’m ranking them by position and by how much % Rostered they are on ESPN. The more **Stars** a player has, the more I like him as an add.

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The players below in Bold are my favorite ones to target off the WW. The number of ***** I give them shows my interest, with 5 stars being the best. The number in % shows how many people in ESPN leagues have that player already rostered.


These QBs should be rostered:




These TEs should be rostered:

DEFENSE: Listed in order of preference