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I wanted to try something new and create a little blog for my random fantasy football thoughts, takes and whatever else comes to mind. I’m super grateful for you purchasing my Draft Kit, it means a lot! Thank you! – Kyle

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8/22/22 – Monday

What a long weekend! Plenty of preseason action to sort through. I updated the entire 2022 Draft Kit on Sunday, so for those of you drafting this week, may the force be with you.

My 2022 Draft Strategy is becoming clearer and clearer. It really depends on your format and 10 or 12 team, but I think I can safely unveil my list of favorites to draft at each position. I’ll write up a formal article before this coming weekend too. For now:

QBs: Target Herbert, Hurts, Lance, Kirk and Lawrence. Whatever your risk preference is, wait for these guys to become a value.

RBs: Grab 1or 2 of the stud backs in the first 3 rounds. Target Zeke and or Etienne in the 4th if you only grabbed 1 stud. Try and grab AJ Dillion in the 5th or 6th. Pound RBs late: Pollard, CEH, Cook, Pierce, Gainwell, Hines, BRob

WRs: The easiest and deepest position to draft. You want 4 Top 20 WRs. You should have 4 WRs minimum in the first 7-8 rounds. Continue to take good WRs until the well runs dry, we can find RBs later or thru the WW.

TEs: Take Kelce in the 2nd, I’m fading Andrews at ADP. Hammer Pitts in the 4th/5th, Waller in the 5th/6th. If you miss on these guys, Dallas Goedert is the move.

8/18/22 – Thursday

Week 2 of the PreSeason Starts tonight. Deshaun Watson has officially been suspended for 11 games + millions of dollars. I will continue to not draft Deshaun in redraft leagues. I don’t think it’s worth rostering him on your bench for 12 weeks, especially because he won’t be IR eligible. When he does come back, he plays @ HOU, @ CIN, BAL, NO and @ WAS. I’m going to let my other league mates draft him.

7/30/22 – Saturday

If you love streaming defenses and want to draft a solid team to roll with for the first couple games, look no further than the Denver Broncos. They open up at Seattle on MNF and then host the Houston Texans in Week 2. I’d imagine they would rank as a Top 5-10 option in both of these games.

If you miss on Denver, check out the Cleveland Browns. They have a potential four game use starting at CAR, then home for NYJ and PIT, then @ ATL for Week 4.

I also really like the Philadelphia Eagles who get: @ DET, MIN, @ WAS, JAX.

Another team to note: the Indianapolis Colts. The only downside is they are on the road for their first two games, but it’s @ HOU and @ JAX.

One more for ya: San Francisco starts @CHI and then home vs SEA.

7/22/22 – Friday

I’ll be updating the Draft Kit this weekend before training camps start up next week. Some random notes I wanted to share:

AJ Dillon remains my favorite RB target in the 6th/7th round of drafts. Javonte Williams is becoming a hot target of mine at the end of Round 2, I don’t think Gordon will be as involved as last season. I am growing on taking the rookies James Cook, Rachaad White and Isaiah Spiller.

My preference remains early to target WRs early and often, wait for QB in the 6th-8th rounds, and hammer RBs in the middle to late rounds. I think the 5th round is a very important round this year. There are a few pieces I like such as Mooney, Cooks, St. Brown, but there’s also a lot of questionable guys like Gabriel Davis, ARob, Bateman, Jeduy, DK and Diontae. I’m starting to wondering I taking my QB in the 5th makes the most sense, just get my guy, whether it’s Murray or Hurts. Chris Olave appears to be the hottest WR moving up boards right now.

I will always wait for my TE. Ertz, Knox, Irv Smith, Kmet, Njoku and Everett have been my favorites. You easily secure two of those guys and call it good. Otherwise, the best TE value appears to be Darren Waller in the 4th and sometimes 5th round.

7/14/22 – Thursday

I recently made some Tik Toks and YouTube shorts on DK Metcalf and AJ Brown, two of my favorite WRs. I actually had to pump the brakes on drafting AJ Brown because he is currently being drafted at his ceiling as the WR11 off the board. He’s never finished higher than WR14 and now goes to a team that finished dead last in passing attempts last year. I just don’t get it in Round 3. Best ball I suppose, but definitely not in redraft. As for DK, he’s being drafted as the WR24 and has a range of outcomes that puts him back into the Top 12 of WRs. He caught 12 TDs total last year, but 4 of those came with Geno in just 3.5 games. I like the price on DK, not AJ.

We should probably talk about Alvin Kamara and Deshaun Watson. I know I wrote weeks ago about not drafting Watson, but at this point, it sounds like he’s going to get hit with just a 4-6 game suspension. The trading of Baker Mayfield shows me a little faith that the Browns think Watson plays this year. I’ve begun drafting him in best ball drafts. As for AK41, the rumor is that his court case will get dragged out and the suspension will not come into play until the 2023 season. I’ve begun drafting him in the 3rd round as a Top 15 RB for now, and will probably slowly move him up and up.

7/8/22 – Friday

Good morning! I am off of work today, as it is my birthday. I just wanted to check in and report on the latest changes to my projections and any important news.

As far as QBs, nothing has really changed with my numbers. I just wanted to note that I’m a fan of the Top 15 or so guys. If you are in a 1QB league, you could easily wait on QB and end up with a duo of Kirk Cousins and Derek Carr. After a handful of mock drafts and best balls, it appears very clearly that the best advice for QB is to wait until the 6th to 8th round to land your QB1. In this range, you’ll be looking for Jalen Hurts, Kyler Murray, Russell Wilson, Lamar Jackson, Dak Prescott, Tom Brady, Joe Burrow and Trey Lance. After these guys, Kirk Cousins, Matthew Stafford, Derek Carr and Aaron Rodgers are all fine QB options and finish my Top 15. If you need sleeper QB’s, I’m a fan of Jameis, Lawrence, Tua and Mac.

At the RB position, I’m pretty locked in with my Top 18 or so RBs, but after that, I’m struggling to rank this group: CEH, Akers, AK41, Montgomery, Dobbins, Pollard, Gibson, Patterson, Damien Harris, Breece Hall, Edmonds, Mitchell, Hunt, Sanders. My initial advice would be to avoid taking these guys in the 4th/5th/6th rounds, target WRs instead. If they were to fall and you like the value in whatever round, it’s fine, I just prefer taking WRs in the 4th/5th and my QB in the 6th/7th. If any of the above RBs were to make it to the 7th/8th rounds, that’s where I like the value.

RBs I am starting to get more excited about: James Cook, Rhamondre Stevenson, Tony Pollard, Nyheim Hines, Tyler Allgeier, Chris Evans.

At the WR position, I feel like this position is my best rankings and projections. I feel really strongly about my Top 30 or so guys, and very confident in my Top 50 or so. I continue to be ahead on Mike Evans, Mike Williams, Courtland Sutton and Michael Pittman Jr. I would like to add DJ Moore to this list, now that Baker has been added to Carolina. Moore comes in at my WR11, ahead of guys like Higgins, Keenan, Deebo, Tyreek. DJM is a super safe Round 3 Pick.

WRs I am starting to get more excited about: DJM, McClaurin, Metcalf, Gage, JuJu, Renfrow, Lazard, Jakobi, Osborn.

Atlas, the TEs. I remain fairly confident with my TE numbers, but have been shuffling my guys just outside of the Top 10. I still believe Travis Kelce and Mark Andrews are in their own elite tier at the position. Darren Waller and Kyle Pitts are ideal 4th/5th round snags if you can. The next tier of George Kittle, Dalton Schultz and TJ Hockenson is a tough one for me. These guys are rock solid all round TEs, but have a lot of boom/bust potential each week. I struggle taking them in the 5th-7th rounds and prefer waiting for Zach Ertz, Dallas Goedert and Dawson Knox in the 8th/9th. After these 10 TEs, I like Pat Freiermuth, Kmet, Irv Smith, Njoku, Gesicki, Henry, Tonyan and Everett. I can see any of these guys crashing the Top 10 by seasons end. If you want to go zero TE and take 2 with your last 2 picks, go with Noah Fant, Hayden Hurts, Mo Alie-Cox or Evan Engram.

Have a great weekend!

6/27/22 – Monday

Happy Monday!

Just wanted to share some of my recent upgrades and downgrades from last week.

It sounds like Chris Godwin is likely to miss more than just 6 games in 2022. Per Bucs beat writer Leo Haggerty, “they do not need Godwin until later in the season – mentions November, maybe even December when we may see him return”. He also mentioned the Bucs running the ball more under HC Todd Bowles, as well as assuming Gronk will return at some point this year. I have Russell Gage as my WR25 in Full PPR. Continue to target Fournette, Evans and Gage.

On Deshaun Watson, it’s looking more and more likely that he’ll be suspended for the entire 2022 seasons, and maybe beyond. My numbers currently reflect Jacoby Brissett starting 11-12 games this year. This means I’ll likely be out on Browns players at ADP.

I’m getting excited about the New England Patriots offense. James White appears to be headed to the PUP list for 6 games, which will open things up for both Damien Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson. I’m targeting Stevenson aggressively right now in the 9th/10th rounds with reports of him working on his pass catching skills. We should expect Mac Jones to take a step up this year and enjoy QB2 numbers for Superflex leagues. Jakobi Myers is his best PPR target, but I like taking Patriots pass catchers in best ball leagues right now.

Reports on Alvin Kamara are that he is looking at a suspension of at least 6 games. For now, I’ve docked him 6-8 games and have him off my board. Expect more passing from Jameis Winston and lean into this passing game for fantasy with Chris Olave, Jarvis Landry and maybe even Michael Thomas. I won’t trust any Saints RB while Kamara is out.

6/20/22 – Monday

It’s good to be back! I was on a family vacation this past week but I’m back now and ready to continue building the 2022 Draft Kit for you guys. It looks like I didn’t miss much NFL news last week, but I’ll begin updating the rankings and other items within the draft kit. It sounds like the NFL will be making a decision on the Deshaun Watson discipline very soon, so for now, I have Jacoby Brissett starting 13 games for the Browns.

6/6/22 – Monday

Happy Monday friends.

I decided to update my projections for the Cleveland Browns today. Deshaun Watson’s situation seems to get murkier each week and I finally needed to knock him a few games for a potential suspension. I hit him with a 5 game suspension, so only 12 starts with my projections brings him to QB27. His per game average would bring him up to around the QB8-10 range. The biggest chain reactions to this move would bring down Amari Cooper to around WR31 and David Njoku to TE13. It’s very likely that Baker Mayfield wouldn’t even play in this scenario, so Jacoby Brissett would be the guy.

If Watson does get to play the full season, I would be restoring my projections to reflect Watson as a Top 12 QB, Cooper as a Top 20 WR and Njoku as a Top 10 TE. For my own personal feelings and morals, I will not be drafting Deshaun Watson this season and likely beyond, but I will be interested in Amari Cooper, David Njoku, Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. To each his own. For now, I’m passing on drafting Browns players until we get more clarity on the situation.

On a more positive note, I’m excited to report that I’ve tinkered with my Arizona Cardinals numbers and have come to the conclusion that Zach Ertz is a massive fantasy value at TE. His average ADP on Drafters is 107.6 as the TE10 off the board. My updates moved him up to TE9 but when I initially did the updates, he was at TE6. I had to reflect on it for a while before ,removing a few numbers to settle on TE9, but TE6 is definitely in his range of outcomes as DHop is suspended to start the year. I know Marquise Brown is there, but the absence of Christian Kirk cancels this out for me and leaves Zach Ertz as the potential target leader to start the season. Helluva of a TE target in the 9th or 10th round!

More TE notes: I have updated Tampa Bay projections and have inserted Rob Gronkowski to be back in action. His high risk high reward nature is still factored in, but he comes in at TE16 for now. He’s being drafted with an ADP of 119.9 as TE11, which seems like a fine ADP but I’m not sure I love him as the 11th TE off the board. I’m more interested in drafting guys like David Njoku, Pat Freiermuth, Irv Smith and Cole Kmet, all who go drafted well after Gronk.

6/2/22 – Thursday

I just wanted to take a minute to share my thoughts on some of the recent updates I made in my projections and rankings.

QB – I’ve upgraded Trey Lance to be starting for 15-16 games this season, as it seems more and more likely that Jimmy G is going to be be moved. This catapults Lance into the QB1 territory as my QB13. I think I’d be willing take him over older, non rushing QBs like Rodgers, Carr and Cousins for sure. Where it gets interesting, is comparing Lance to guys like Watson, Stafford, and Prescott. If you play Superflex, this is the QB2 you’re looking for.

RB – I don’t have any drastic RB changes, but I need to mention how much I love drafting Travis Etienne and Clyde Edwards-Helaire this year. Etienne is a 4th or 5th round pick and has Top 12 potential in PPR. CEH is going to be a rock steady RB2 this season and has a wide range of ADP in the 5th-7th rounds.

WR – My two favorite values at WR right now: Courtland Sutton and Michael Pittman Jr. I have them both in my top 10 at the position and they are being draft as late 3rd or 4th round picks. Please try and grab at least one of these guys in the third and if you can, snag the other in the 4th.

TE – Mark Andrews hops Travis Kelce as my TE1. I’m nervous about Kelce for two reasons: age, and more attention from defenses now that Tyreek is out of there. I don’t love drafting either one of these guys in the 2nd rounds. I much prefer Waller/Pitts in the 4th, but my favorite strategy remains waiting on TE for guys like Knox, Njoku, Irv Smith, Freiermuth and Kmet.

6/1/22 – Wednesday

Welcome to June!

Just wanted to share this tweet I made after listening to a great podcast by Establish the Run.

I will be updating the site rankings, cheat sheets and other items today, and will always do so on the 1st of the months. I’ll try to update things 1 or 2 other times through the month up until August where I’ll update things weekly for you. For now, I just wanted to share that podcast and let you know that I’ll be ramping up my Tik Toks, podcasts and mock drafts this month!

5/26/22 – Thursday

I just want to make a mental note of my favorite players I want to draft on my teams this year:

1st Round: Dalvin Cook, Austin Ekeler, Najee Harris, Justin Jefferson

2nd Round: CeeDee Lamb, D’Andre Swift, Aaron Jones, Mike Evans

3rd Round: Saquon Barkley, James Conner, Tee Higgins, Mike Williams

4th Round: Michael Pittman Jr., Amari Cooper, Darren Waller, Courtland Sutton

5th Round: Justin Herbert, Travis Etienne, Jerry Jeudy, Allen Robinson

6th Round: Darnell Mooney, Brandin Cooks, Elijah Moore, Rashod Bateman

7th Round: AJ Dillon, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Jalen Hurts, Joe Burrow, Russell Wilson

8th Round: Russell Gage, Tony Pollard, Christian Kirk, Dawson Knox