Fantasy Playoffs Schedule

The chart below is color coded as follows: Green = Good Team, Red = Bad Team

I used DraftKings Sportsbook to determine projected win totals.

There are a few layers we can read with this chart. A team like Detroit has 3 Red matchups during the fantasy playoffs. This can be read as a good thing and we could target Lions players to have for these games, as their matchups should be easier. We want to pick on Red Teams.

A team like the Rams has 3 Green matchups. This can be read as a good thing as well. We should expect more points to be scored in a game featuring 2 Green teams, so I’m reading Green as Good in games where both teams are Green (see LAR vs GB wk 15).

Green vs Green = Fun game, more points

Green vs Red = Green dominates

Red vs Green = Red struggles

Red vs Red = Anything can happen

White Teams = Average

(T) = Thursday Night, (Sa) = Saturday Night, (S) = Sunday Night, (M) = Monday Night