2022 RB Target Data

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The chart below is from a data study done by Scott Barrett of FantasyPoints.com. In this study, we learn that fantasy points per target are worth almost double per carry in Half PPR, and nearly 2.5x in full PPR. This data screams out how important RB targets are for fantasy. Take a good look at Scott’s chart, and then let’s examine the target data from the 2022 season to identify some potential situations we should be interested in for 2023.

I break down everything in this article in Video format here.

Total RB Targets:

TeamRB TargetsPer GameRB %Team TargetsPer Game
1Los Angeles Chargers17810.4725.04%71141.82
2Tampa Bay Buccaneers1478.6519.57%75144.18
3Cincinnati Bengals1337.8221.80%61035.88
4New York Jets1267.4120.10%62736.88
5Houston Texans1247.2921.42%57934.06
6Indianapolis Colts1237.2420.36%60435.53
7New England Patriots1237.2422.78%54031.76
8Denver Broncos1227.1821.37%57133.59
9Washington Commanders1217.1221.84%55432.59
10Green Bay Packers1166.8220.60%56333.12
11Detroit Lions1156.7619.56%58834.59
12Miami Dolphins1136.6519.35%58434.35
13Arizona Cardinals1126.5916.87%66439.06
14Kansas City Chiefs1126.5917.20%65138.29
15Las Vegas Raiders1126.5919.11%58634.47
16Buffalo Bills1126.5919.51%57433.76
17San Francisco 49ers1106.4721.48%51230.12
18New York Giants1096.4120.96%52030.59
19New Orleans Saints1076.2920.90%51230.12
20Pittsburgh Steelers955.5916.64%57133.59
21Minnesota Vikings885.1813.10%67239.53
22Cleveland Browns885.1816.30%54031.76
23Dallas Cowboys855.0015.29%55632.71
24Carolina Panthers855.0018.60%45726.88
25Tennessee Titans855.0018.64%45626.82
26Seattle Seahawks844.9414.66%57333.71
27Jacksonville Jaguars834.8813.93%59635.06
28Atlanta Falcons663.8815.90%41524.41
29Los Angeles Rams633.7111.86%53131.24
30Baltimore Ravens633.7112.91%48828.71
31Chicago Bears623.6516.45%37722.18
32Philadelphia Eagles613.5911.38%53631.53

In 2022, the Chargers led the lead in targets to RBs, throwing nearly 10.5 targets per game. The Buccaneers coming in at #2 with 8.65 targets per game, 147 on the year. I’m not sure we can expect this amount again from a Tom Brady-less Bucs, but perhaps they still are toward the league leaders in this category in 2023, which bodes well for Rachaad White. The Bengals at #3 is interesting, throwing 7.82 targets to RBs per game. Samaje Perine is gone and he had 51 of those 133 targets last year. This either means Joe Mixon’s 75 targets last year are in for an increase, or we should be looking for the Bengals 2023 Perine. The Jets at #4 surprised me a bit, although Mike White was checking it down at insanely high rates when he was starting. Perhaps we see this carryover with Rodgers in 2023.

I was also surprised to see the Texans at #5 with 124 targets. They threw 51 targets at Rex Burkhead last year and brought in Devin Singletary to compete for 3rd down duties with Dameon Pierce, who had 39 targets last year. I think we should expect a target bump for Pierce, I’m just not sure how much more. The other thing that stuck out to me was the Washington Commanders at #9. They threw 58 targets to Antonio Gibson and then another 40 at JD McKissic, who is no longer on the team. The off-season buzz around Gibson has been noticeable, and if some or most McKissic’s target’s go to Gibson, the hype may be for real.

Now let’s look at the same data, just filtered by RB Target %

TeamRB TargetsPer GameRB %Team TargetsPer Game
1Los Angeles Chargers17810.4725.04%71141.82
2New England Patriots1237.2422.78%54031.76
3Washington Commanders1217.1221.84%55432.59
4Cincinnati Bengals1337.8221.80%61035.88
5San Francisco 49ers1106.4721.48%51230.12
6Houston Texans1247.2921.42%57934.06
7Denver Broncos1227.1821.37%57133.59
8New York Giants1096.4120.96%52030.59
9New Orleans Saints1076.2920.90%51230.12
10Green Bay Packers1166.8220.60%56333.12
11Indianapolis Colts1237.2420.36%60435.53
12New York Jets1267.4120.10%62736.88
13Tampa Bay Buccaneers1478.6519.57%75144.18
14Detroit Lions1156.7619.56%58834.59
15Buffalo Bills1126.5919.51%57433.76
16Miami Dolphins1136.6519.35%58434.35
17Las Vegas Raiders1126.5919.11%58634.47
18Tennessee Titans855.0018.64%45626.82
19Carolina Panthers855.0018.60%45726.88
20Kansas City Chiefs1126.5917.20%65138.29
21Arizona Cardinals1126.5916.87%66439.06
22Pittsburgh Steelers955.5916.64%57133.59
23Chicago Bears623.6516.45%37722.18
24Cleveland Browns885.1816.30%54031.76
25Atlanta Falcons663.8815.90%41524.41
26Dallas Cowboys855.0015.29%55632.71
27Seattle Seahawks844.9414.66%57333.71
28Jacksonville Jaguars834.8813.93%59635.06
29Minnesota Vikings885.1813.10%67239.53
30Baltimore Ravens633.7112.91%48828.71
31Los Angeles Rams633.7111.86%53131.24
32Philadelphia Eagles613.5911.38%53631.53

Interesting takeaways for me include the 32nd ranked Philadelphia Eagles. This does not look great for D’Andre Swift, especially since they also like Kenneth Gainwell in this passing down role. Even if Swift wins the 3rd Down role, it’s not a high volume role and he very likely splits reps with Gainwell here. I was also surprised to see the Rams, Vikings and Jaguars as bottom 5 teams.

Again, notice the Commanders at #3. Gibson is the passing down back but I do expect more opportunities for 2nd Year Brian Robinson in the passing game. Keep an eye on rookie Chris Rodriguez Jr. in camp.

This next chart show’s each team’s leading RB in targets and their target share’s within their offense.

TeamRB1TargetsTarget %Team Targets
1Los Angeles ChargersAustin Ekeler12717.86%711
2New England PatriotsRhamondre Stevenson8816.30%540
3Tampa Bay BuccaneersLeonard Fournette8311.05%751
4New Orleans SaintsAlvin Kamara7715.04%512
5New York GiantsSaquon Barkley7614.62%520
6Cincinnati BengalsJoe Mixon7512.30%610
7Green Bay PackersAaron Jones7212.79%563
8Kansas City ChiefsJerick McKinnon7110.91%651
9Detroit LionsD’Andre Swift7011.90%588
10San Francisco 49ersChristian McCaffrey6512.70%512
11Las Vegas RaidersJosh Jacobs6410.92%586
12Washington CommandersAntonio Gibson5810.47%554
13Arizona CardinalsJames Conner588.73%664
14Minnesota VikingsDalvin Cook568.33%672
15Dallas CowboysTony Pollard559.89%556
16New York JetsMichael Carter548.61%627
17Pittsburgh SteelersNajee Harris539.28%571
18Buffalo BillsDevin Singletary529.06%574
19Houston TexansRex Burkhead518.81%579
20Jacksonville JaguarsTravis Etienne Jr.457.55%596
21Cleveland BrownsKareem Hunt448.15%540
22Carolina PanthersChristian McCaffrey439.41%457
23Miami DolphinsRaheem Mostert427.19%584
24Tennessee TitansDerrick Henry418.99%456
25Indianapolis ColtsJonathan Taylor406.62%604
26Chicago BearsDavid Montgomery4010.61%377
27Seattle SeahawksKenneth Walker III356.11%573
28Denver BroncosLatavius Murray345.95%571
29Atlanta FalconsCordarrelle Patterson317.47%415
30Philadelphia EaglesKenneth Gainwell295.41%536
31Baltimore RavensKenyan Drake265.33%488
32Los Angeles RamsDarrell Henderson Jr.224.14%531

The biggest takeaway from this chart to me is to target the situations towards the top that earned 10%+ target share’s. The Bucs are difficult to project with the QB change, but it’s safe to assume that Rachaad White will lead the team in targets, we’re just not sure on how high these numbers will be. The Saints will be without star receiving back Alvin Kamara for an unknown number of games, so we should be interested in Jamaal Williams or Kendre Miller for these suspended games. I mentioned the Bengals before and their mystery RB2. This is one of the most important training camp battles that I will be monitoring. Chase Brown or Trayveon Williams. The Bills at 18 intrigue me, as Devin Singletary leaves behind a 9% target share and James Cook already had a 5.5% target share himself last year. If Cook dominates the RB targets in Buffalo, he could be a fun PPR value in an offense that had 112 RB targets.

The next chart shows each team’s 2nd leading RB in targets.

TeamRB2TargetsTarget %Team Targets
1Tampa Bay BuccaneersRachaad White587.72%751
2Cincinnati BengalsSamaje Perine518.36%610
3Green Bay PackersAJ Dillon437.64%563
4Washington CommandersJ.D. McKissic407.22%554
5Houston TexansDameon Pierce396.74%579
6Cleveland BrownsNick Chubb376.85%540
7Indianapolis ColtsDeon Jackson345.63%604
8Arizona CardinalsEno Benjamin334.97%664
9Pittsburgh SteelersJaylen Warren335.78%571
10Las Vegas RaidersAmeer Abdullah325.46%586
11Buffalo BillsJames Cook325.57%574
12Denver BroncosMelvin Gordon III325.60%571
13New York JetsBreece Hall314.94%627
14Jacksonville JaguarsJaMycal Hasty274.53%596
15Tennessee TitansDontrell Hilliard265.70%456
16Philadelphia EaglesMiles Sanders264.85%536
17Los Angeles ChargersJoshua Kelley253.52%711
18New York GiantsMatt Breida254.81%520
19Miami DolphinsJeff Wilson Jr.244.11%584
20New England PatriotsDamien Harris234.26%540
21Kansas City ChiefsClyde Edwards-Helaire233.53%651
22San Francisco 49ersKyle Juszczyk234.49%512
23Dallas CowboysEzekiel Elliott234.14%556
24Detroit LionsJustin Jackson193.23%588
25Seattle SeahawksDeeJay Dallas193.32%573
26New Orleans SaintsMark Ingram II183.52%512
27Minnesota VikingsAlexander Mattison182.68%672
28Los Angeles RamsCam Akers183.39%531
29Carolina PanthersChuba Hubbard173.72%457
30Atlanta FalconsTyler Allgeier174.10%415
31Baltimore RavensPatrick Ricard132.66%488
32Chicago BearsKhalil Herbert123.18%377

Not too many takeaways from this list, but there are a handful of RBs who could graduate up to the RB1 list. This backs include Rachaad White, Samaje Perine, Dameon Pierce, Nick Chubb, Jaylen Warren, James Cook, Breece Hall, Miles Sanders and Cam Akers.

Here’s the full chart of data, filtered by RB1 targets:

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